Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Woahhhhhh brah.....

DSC_0157, originally uploaded by Daniel Bott.

I got a chance to spend all day last Sunday on the lake at Bald Eagle State Park. I was able to get some pretty sweet shots of my roommate and a couple buddies wakeboarding and wakesurfing. I even tried my hand at wakesurfing as I was still sore from an attempted wakeboarding effort from Friday. Overall it was a really fun day, and i was able to get some kick-ass photos!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nikon D5000: Spec Review

Nikon released the D5000 today and it's worth taking a look at what's offered in their new entry level camera:

12.3mp CMOS Sensor:  Likely the same one as in the D90 and D300, both of which produce fantastic images.

720p Video:  Not something I'm necessarily interested in, but a nice touch nonetheless.  

Vari-angle color LCD:  This may seem like a dumb feature, but the ability to view the screen in live mode from almost any angle is great.  Plus, you can flip it around and store it so only the plastic back is exposed.  That will help cut down on scratches while transporting it.

One Button Live View:  Easier access to Live View than my D700 has, which requires pressing a button down and rotating a wheel.

4 FPS:  Nice upgrade here.  Faster than the Rebel T1i's 3.4 FPS.  

Built-in Image Sensor Cleaning:  I have this on the D700 and it's genius.

11-point AF System with 3D Tracking:  HUGE upgrade here.  Nikon has really been dedicated to improving their AF systems recently and this system is probably the main reason to upgrade from a D40/D50/D60.  The D40 and D60 only had 3 AF points and the D50 had 5.  The addition of 3D tracking is huge for any amateur who wants to shoot action.  The Rebel T1i only has 9 AF points and no 3D tracking.  

100,000 Cycle Shutter:  Very few amateurs will come anywhere near this, but the fact that it's this robust makes the camera even more maintenance-free.

GPS Geotagging:  Unfortunately, you have to get Nikon's GP-1 for $210 to use this feature (I have a Geomet'r unit for my D700 that was $150 and works incredibly), but I like the feature.  It's fun to track exactly where you took certain shots in case you ever blow the shot and want to return.  

Overall, this is an impressive entry level camera.  Aside from the metering system and weather-sealing, it's easily exceeded the D200, which was $1800 when it was released in 2006 and it comes very close to the D300 for most users.  The main difference is that the D300 has a 51-point AF system with 3D tracking.  To be honest, I usually shoot in 11 or 21 point AF on my D700 and I find that to be plenty of points. 

Compared to the Canon Rebel T1i, you get slightly less resolution in stills and video, but a vastly superior AF system and a very user-friendly design.  While the camera isn't quite designed to stand up to the demands of an abusive pro shooter, it will certainly take professional-quality images.  Most importantly from Nikon's point of view, it gives people a pro-quality camera for $729 and dedicates them to the brand.     

Monday, April 13, 2009

Harry the K moves on...

Today, a Philadelphia sports cornerstone has left this world. Harry Kalas passed away at 1:20pm in Washington, D.C.

With a voice that brings back memories of childhood, summer nights, and America's past-time, Harry will be missed by millions. It is exciting to know that he was able to call the Phillies' World Series victory shortly before his death.

Because of this win, I had the privilege of snapping a few photos of him at the 2008 World Series Parade in Philadelphia...a moment that I will never forget.

Harry K.

Rest in Peace.

Friday, April 3, 2009

My First Front Page!

Today (April 3, 2009), I got my first front page shot on The Daily Collegian! Pretty exciting stuff!

This was taken at a rally for Take Back the Night, an awareness event for sexual violence against women.

Here is the front page of the paper:

First Front Page

Did you miss it?? Bottom left photo...

...here is the shot:
first front page shot

The shot was taken at:
ISO 200
WB: Sunny
exp -0.7
with my Sigma 10-20mm

The whole article can be found here, and as usual, click for larger versions.

Have a great Friday!